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Tips For Forex Day Improvement

Forex Trading is always available, everywhere at every moment. Then, defining what a day trade means in this context is a wide concept. The Forex Market implies a whole week of relentless and unstoppable trading. Normally, Forex trades are made just right after the trader wakes up. As the hours of the day keep going on, whether you are in China, Japan, USA, Italy or anywhere else. When a trade initiates via Forex trading platform, it does in any time zone around the globe. The trading day may begin right after you have breakfast and brush your teeth.

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Remember That Your Mind Is Your Ally

Despite this is not prioritised by everyone, your mind has definitely an important role. While experienced and beginner traders share the same goal, their approach towards reaching, choosing best Forex trading platform and even seeing results is very different. One of the most relevant questions you could make to yourself is: What is the best thing I can use to trade on this day? What should I do in order to obtain those PIPS? However, they might be asking the wrong questions. Experienced traders wonder about other things, like: What is the most suitable pair for a winning trade today? There are many newbies trying to win a bunch of money without doing a big effort and in a short time.

However, when you analyse how experts do it, you will certainly notice that they prefer to stay patient until the market shows its best opportunity. Apprentices will possibly see and do Day Trade without thinking too much on the different aspects, advantages or disadvantages of what can be done, but you will surely not see the same when it comes to an expert. Experts recognise the value on the virtue of Patience. A person that has plenty of experience knows that, firstly, one of the most important things to do is to carefully and thoroughly identify the best chances and options, then act accordingly.

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Go Back To The Past And Come Back With Good News

It is convenient that the first we see in the Forex trading platform is when and where a price shows something that can be considered as a Testing Pattern: a Support Area or even an important Fibonacci Resistance. Actually anything that can give useful information for the future. The trading decision has to be made before the day itself becomes profitable and consistent. In some cases a good analysis for good results may take weeks. There may be a case in which the currency pair gives you a key with a 63% every week (the Fibonacci level), and maybe the other currency will step toward the Fib, as you may guess, the one that is closer to Fib standards is the most important on the list. When that happens, it will become more profitable since that closeness represents a higher probability of change.


If you are able to find a nice Day trade, it’s going to a consequence of your right decisions by taking the rules into consideration. Primarily, you will need to know or define what the direction of a trend is going to be. A successful trader must visualise these every week and every single day with full detail when it comes to understanding this stage. Then, determine if you will sell or buy. By doing this, your goal is not exactly doing anything like a foresight or prediction, this is more like literally “staying in your place until the market comes to you”, which has led experienced trader to lifetime profits.


Identifying The Most Suitable Next Day Trade For You

Stage 1: Identifying if the trend is bullish or bearish


Stage 2 : Determine if we are buy or selling


Identifying patterns will improve the chances of intraday trading earnings, since we can get in; make profit and get out.


Something that is really seducing about Forex is the huge amount of chances there are in a day in order to execute a successful trade, in fact, every price movement is. Now, we are going to see how many suitable options you have on a specific day. By doing a nice checking it can be seen that there are 6 main Currency Pairs (USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD and EURUSD).

Two of these crosses are going to be traded often (EURJPY and EURGBP). That means that there are going to be 8 pairs that will imply good chances for a Day Trade. After analysing in a thorough way, there are probably higher chances for nice trading. The amount of opportunities a regular person has in their normal day is not comparable to the ones you can get in a full Trading day. It’s not a matter of rushing into the trades, but to look for useful opportunities to be there at the right time.


If you are a newcomer with new trading software, it will certainly be advisable that you understand the 4 hour intermission. In fact, this implies a significant time in which the prices will get better in terms of their higher range. If we talk about a one hour period of time, pairs will probably show nice PIP ranges from the Support to the Resistance levels.


Then, let’s say there are 2 suitable opportunities for each one of the currency pairs in a lapse of 4 hours, then, it would be logic to think that there are going to be 16 nice trading opportunities that would imply a nice trading chance. Actually, if you want to go even further, you could just select one trade every 4 hours interval (for every currency pair), then you would be getting a great reason to take Forex Day as an outstanding opportunity. Many people would consider a cluster effect when there is a dropping of the movement that circles the currency pairs. It’s important to say also that the distributions of the chances are not necessarily going to be there at every moment. Waiting and being patient are going to be two big major skills that will help you in order to identify the best opportunities you can imagine.


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Make It Happen

Establishing a trade in Forex trading platform is not something that will happen on its own like rain does. Then, a nice examination will be required. There is no way to know what will determine the price or even trigger it, but some elements can still be considered. If you see the chart, the channel below is being explored by the price, so the trade goes further, so, you can understand that certainly that position is overvalued. Remember also that the Relative Strength Indicator actually goes further than the trend line. If you want to do a methodical research, this will be extremely helpful.


Patterns can change still in Forex, there is no 100% way to be absolutely certain that one day will be more profitable than another. A trader with great experience will surely wait until there is a nice probability level. As well, the mere fact of being optimistic and having a useful mind-set is going to be definitely a major aspect to take into consideration. So, if you are really involved and compromised with the idea of winning, then your winning and losing statistics will really show the truth behind that statement. If you are looking for a little money so you can buy your travelling ticket or you instead intend to have another salary, Forex is now showing you everything it has so you can get really good rewards with your own effort. The only thing you shall keep remembering is one: The better your mind set is the better your effort will convert into the best reward.

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